North Philadelphia Policy Institute


The North Philadelphia Policy Institute is a non partisan policy think tank engaging in pragmatic research, analysis and advocacy in effort to protect our nations most vulnerable citizens.

North Policy is a independent non partisan policy institute in addition, it is vital that we do not align ourselves with political ideologies in the categories of progressive or conservative.




Philadelphia, PA 19119

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(215) 435-6496

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Who WE Are

Gun Violence Prevention

Criminal Justice


Hunger & Food Insecurity

Race and Ethnicity


How we do it

Our approach to problem solving does not derive from progressive or conservative ideologies. Our research styles are unique yet pragmatic, our advocacy efforts are aggressive yet strategic and our policy ideas are dynamic and inventive yet viable.

•    Connecting academia with community experiences

•    Diverse and inclusive issue advocate training/development

•    Diverse and inclusive policy crafting efforts

•    Challenging public perception in relation to impacted communities

•    Equitable programing, engagement and advocacy

What we do

It is our mission to stimulate public participation and discussion around critical social, economic and justice issues affecting communities in distress and populations suffering from social inequity. It is vital to our efforts that those most affected by our scope of issues narrate the polices we advocate for, in addition to leading critical research efforts in conjunction with scholars, policy makers and allied advocates.




"People powered policy "



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Sen. Chris Murphy CT

Sen. Chris Murphy CT

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